The point of democracy is not that the warlords are somehow controlled by the masses. It’s just a mechanism for transferring power from one warlord to another without actually having to fight the war.


More light than smoke

Sometimes, you find you’re burning up, and the best you can do is try to make more light than smoke.


My problem

The biggest challenge of my life is that, during one long hot shower, I can plan about 40 hours of work. So maybe I could be happy if I only showered once a week.


You know what your problem is?

When they say “Your problem is…”, they mean “My problem is.”



History is a long series of memorable meals occasionally punctuated by events.

— Jen Beaven

Our Daily Friends

Give us this day our daily friends: and we shall want for nothing.


Why we work

If you’re trying to make a killing, you’re working against those of us trying to make a living.


New technology

The question to ask of new technology is not “Will it solve problems?” but “Will the problems it creates be preferable to the problems it solves?”



An engineer is someone who can do for $1 what any fool can do for $100.

— unknown


The value of a good incantation is not necessarily determined by its efficacy.