For Dummies

New DIY manual: “Condescension Toward Neuro-Atypical Persons For Dummies”




Relationships are always more important than technology. This is as true in the technology business as it is at the dinner table.



As an empire ascends, it commits its depredations on other peoples; as it declines, on its own.


Enemies and friends

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Furthermore, the friend of the enemy of my enemy’s friend is my brother in law’s cousin, whom I actually met independently at volleyball once.


I dislike uncertainty! That’s one thing I’m sure of.

— Katherine

Knowable and unknowable distinctions

Need, or Want?
Can’t, or Won’t?
The buck stops here:
Do, or Don’t.



If I borrow my friend’s mirror, it still looks like me.



I kinda think I should be more certain about things, but then again it may be too early to tell.


Small pointy thing

When computer programmers see a small pointy thing, we assume it’s the tip of an iceberg or the thin end of a wedge. But sometimes it’s just a small pointy thing.


Handcraft a passenger jet

T: “So all we have to do is A, B, C, …, X, Y, and Z.”

J: “And then we can handcraft a passenger jet!”

— Jake Borst