Secret pants!

[Background note: Timothy’s birthday is coming up, and Katherine has been making something in great secrecy, banishing Timothy to his office for periods of time. (This is like banishing Brer Rabbit to the briar patch. But we digress.) —Ed.]

Clara: … Presents.
Timothy: Presents?
Clara: Birthday presents. Happy — Birthday! Happy Birthday to you, Daddy!
T: Why, thanks!
C: Birthday — cake! Clifford has a birthday.
T: That’s true, it’s on the last page of your Clifford book. What does Clifford have in that picture?
C: He has a… plate.
T: That’s true. What’s on the plate? It’s got candles on it, and frosting…
C: A secret… Secret pants!
T: Secret pants?!
C: Yeah! Secret pants!
Timothy: (after laughing uncontrollably for some time) Well, I guess they’re secret no longer…