Clara and I wrote and recorded this for the Fall Creek Elementary School Talent Show, and she lip synced it with friends Ava, Clare, Grace, Nuala, and Tivona. It's a parody of "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz - see the (child-inappropriate) video on YouTube. I think it has to do with the similarities between the two most virulent parasites of childhood: pediculosis and Top 40 radio earworms.


I put my hands up to my head sometimes
Sayin’ oh no
I got lice, yo
Wash everything till I can’t live my life
Sayin’ oh no
I got lice, yo

Verse 1:
You’re gonna scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch
You think you’re bad, you’ve met your match, match, match, match
You’ll scratch so hard you’ll get a patch, patch, patch, patch
With a big annoying rash, rash, rash, rash
Yih, yih

‘Cause nits stick on and on and on
And nits stick on and on and on


B Chorus:
We gon’ make you itch
Gonna scratch all night
We can keep you up
‘Cause we’re par-o-sites
You can wash it once
You can wash it twice
But we will come back
‘Cause we’re par-o-sites

Verse 2:
I feel ‘em move, move, move, move
They’ve found their way to me and my crew, crew, crew, crew
I got ‘em now so I gotta comb, comb, comb, comb
Wash every object in my home, home, home, home
Yih, yih

B Chorus

I’m gonna wash it all, I
I’m gonna comb the last nits sticking
Gonna scrub ‘em out, I
I’m gonna be the last one picking
‘Cause I, I, I can’t believe it
And I, I, I, I just want ‘em gone
I just want ‘em gone

I’m gonna put my hands to my head
Ha-ands to my head
Put your hands to your head…

B Chorus


Lyrics: Clara and Timothy Weber
Vocals: Clara Weber

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