An in-house paging system using ZigBee.

DingBot goes public with new protocol

go I’ve replaced the network protocol on the DingBot with SprinkleNet, a much more robust packet-based approach that has improved reliability tremendously. And, there are now four completed DingBots in the world. see url read more...

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DingBot in beta

go site The first DingBot unit is now finished and in use! binäre optionen auf was setzen read more...

DingBot PCBs

DingBot PCBs

source The printed circuit boards for two DingBot units. Made by Advanced Circuits, and I think the quality’s great. Their standard prototype package doesn’t include solder mask or silk screen, but that’s fine for these prototypes. It also doesn’t include interior routing, but a few quick passes with the Dremel took out the corner bites and enlarged some of the holes I had goofed up.

http it binaryoptionsdemo com Looking forward to getting these assembled and in their boxes!

DingBot schematic

DingBot remote prototype

DingBot remote prototype

köpa Sildenafil Citrate rhodos The battery-powered DingBot. The main reason for using batteries instead of AC at the moment is just that I’m short of 3V regulators. But, it does feel nice in the hand.

DingBot debuts

go here I’ve now got a running prototype of what we’re calling the “DingBot,” a paging system for use between the floors of our house. http://tmpab.com/?semeynaya=Köp-Viagra-Falköping read more...