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Henry Hobbes

http://mieto.fi/?loask=uk-options-trading&2c1=f9 (“It’s my new poem,” Clara explains.)

go to link Henry Hobbes went to town
Making spirits bright
Along came Santa Bear
With light bulbs all around him
And clocks all around them.


source [Katherine has the new Coldplay album on in the living room, loud so she can hear it while cleaning the kitchen. Clara is curled up on the living room couch, listening. Katherine enters.]

http://www.soundofthesirens.net/?delimeres=optionfair-bin%C3%A4re-optionen-vergleich&e80=9c K (shouting): IS THIS TOO LOUD FOR YOU??

go to site C (shouting): NO!! IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE LOUD!!

It's all in the timing

source url (Clara is getting up at night to pee. She holds a small cat robot as she sits on the toilet. She is not entirely awake, and very groggy.)

go here Clara: Mom?

follow url Katherine: Yes?

Tastylia italy C: (pause) Mom—…

http://drybonesinthevalley.com/?tyiuds=incentive-stock-options-taxable K: Yes.

supporti e resistenze opzioni binarie 60 secondi C: The only thing… (pause) that Kitty likes…

http://reuelmusic.com/?jdsksd=app-iqoption&8a3=94 (long pause)

K: Yes?

C: … is the smell…

(long, long pause)

C: … of wildflowers.

Words for E week

Clara: This week is E week at school!

Timothy: That’s Exciting.

Katherine: Let’s see how many Extra E-words we can find. Elephant, and Egg…

(many fine words are named)

K: Oh - and here’s a good one: Eye. It doesn’t sound like an E word, does it? Hm, anything that starts with Ep-… Ep-…

Clara: Epinephrine?

K: … ah… yeah, that’s a very good E word!

Finally getting albums posted

I’ve now got the first batch of songs moved over from my old music page. It’s my most recent album (now nine years old), called off line. Took me a while to work out the right way to represent songs and albums in the Drupal content management system, but now it’s all quite easy to deal with and I hope that (and my weakness for shiny new technologies) will help accelerate the process.